A Journey into my Abyss

A Look into the Mind of a Poet……

Domestic Violence ………

Life was rosy

everything was sweet

Love and kisses

then one day it all started

No it wasn’t the first kiss

It was a hit and miss

He swore at her

this continued for a while

Then came the punches

he would punch her

day in and day out

As if she was his sparring partner

He continued to beat her

Many days he would slap the living daylights out of her.

The name calling got worse

words that you would never believe.

How worthless she was

It was pure torture

But yet she stayed

loyal and true

Day in and Day out

that’s what he would do

but yet, she cooked, clean and washed for him

Her daily life carried on

She was strong

A Phenomenal woman

When he came home

Instead of greeting her with open arms

It would be name calling

Verbal and physical abuse

when anyone ask

he would say “self inflicted harm”


The Kids never dare utter a word

She had to be strong for them

They looked up to her

But had so much hatred for him

He caused this.

Their minds twisted

life full of Bliss…

How can a man

says, he loves a woman

Yet, batter her like this

It was never this way before

He loved her

but somehow felt insecure….

but what went wrong,


The abuse carried on

until the day he took ill

but she smiled as she usually does

and her duties she carried on

Yes! she cared for him

Until his last breath

In sickness and in health

Til” death do they part

Her prayers have been answered.

Should she have put up with all this DOMESTIC ABUSE……?


Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™ 2014


Women you need to speak out , report and don’t stay for the sake of love or the kids. You are not anyoine’s punching bag. You should be loved with RESPECT, DIGNITY, and LOVED unconditionally.


Men are also being abusedMen are also being abused

Let's get together and show LOVE not ABUSE each otherLet’s get together and show LOVE not ABUSE each other

Show love not your FISTShow love not your FIST

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/10475604_10152165156807120_2263514929723379156_n.jpg” alt=”Cycle of violence…WE can STOP this..
You can STOP this…
I shall STOP this..” />Cycle of violence…WE can STOP this.. You can STOP this… I shall STOP this..



Happy Mother’s Day…..

Today we celebrate a wonderful day

A day like no other

A day set aside for Mother’s

A day for the special women in our lives

Women whose love can never be replaced only treasured

A remarkable woman  a mother

who needs love like no other

To be treated with respect

who is able to connect with our feelings

Mother’s should be care for

after all that’s what they did for us

Made sure we were protected and fed

that we were happy, pampered and not misled

When we are ill

we can count on mum

when we need clean clothes

we can count on mum

when we need love

we can always count on mother

A Mother’s love is never done

continuos love until forevermore.

Written By Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™ 2014


Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful Mother's and not for getting Gran Mother's for you are still mothers too..

Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful Mother’s and not for getting Gran Mother’s for you are still mothers too..

The Orgasm…….

I dreamt of tenderly kissing your thighs,
tasting your sweet flow of nectar
savouring the taste
looking upon your face
as the expressions changes
each time I delve
into the un-forbidden crevice of love,
your juices flow
upon the embankment,
flooding your walls
as the temperature soars uncontrollably
so does the swaying of your hips..
I ask my self
“How do I stop this flow?”
It needs to be plugged.
I need to fulfill
your wants
your need
your desires
You scooped your hands upon my head
as if to guide me
but you are not in control
as your body is now under my spell,
my care
I sway with your rhythm
as your back arches
I follow as if in sync.
my tongue
and bashes against your vaginal walls
as your clit grows and stiffens
every nerve ending is heighten
you moan, and groan
I sense you getting to the point of explosion
as my tongue goes in deeper and deeper
giving you the most powerful orgasm
as you squirt…..
warm vaginal fluid
fills my mouth
your first time ever
your body goes limp
now it’s time for the main course……….

written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™2014
Face of heightened ecstacy

Face of heightened ecstacy


The sweet aromatic smell that lingers

are the bodily fluids from you

that I taste on my fingers.

yum yum


brings back memories

of that picture perfect day…

We must do more of that

but not on a sunny day

as you melted away

in my mouth

I can still hear your melodious scream

but don’t worry you are my favourite ice cream..Mango Tango..


written by A Journey Into the Abyss of the Mind: Ainsley Carter:… ™2014

Knowing Love……..

I would rather know

that you don’t love me

than to have to wait, for your love.

for one minute you care

then the next you don’t

you try to shove me around

like a putt on a table

Not a care where

or what happens

Just as long as you are

or think you are able

To satisfy your urge,




I wish this was love that I feel

Hmmm ……But its not

This fucking thing is just so unreal

Unrealistically, just a fucking nightmare

A big joke , maybe that’s why you stare

Stare and laugh at my sorry Ass .


Who would have thought

Once you really cared

Or so at least I thought

Maybe it was affection

I had bought

As I needed love

so a partner I sought

But got neglected ,

devalued ,

hurt and rejected

What happened?

Where did I go wrong?

This love that I thought

This bond which was so strong

Now broken-hearted

not a care for me

Just broken promises

are all I ever got

This isn’t love

this is Bliss

who would have thought love can be like this .


Written and Copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica™ 2014




I waited

and waited

But you never showed

I had my sexy boxers on

so you could have watched my cock grow

I had your favourite music

playing in the background

your song, “cookie” by R Kelly

Way….. way down low

The scene was all set

I was ready and waiting

Now my passion was slipping

I had rose petals spread across the bed

Fine Egyptian cotton pillows

For you to rest your head

It was going to be a night of full passion

Dammm was I wrong

cause you never showed

I had a fine dinner set

Rice and peas

salad and Lamb casserole

You would have been the dessert

But you never showed

I had the finest Chardonnay

All just for you honey

This was going to be the night

But you never showed….


written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™ 2014


Waiting in vain

Waiting in vain

Protect the Kids from sexual Abuse…..


Where do you get off?

Big man….

Who gave you that right?

What makes you think,

That you can.

Molesting innocent kids,

Who knows not right from wrong?

“Who haven’t even seen a star pitch”,

Where in your sick,


perverted mind,

Did you concoct;

That you could violate,

Seduced and enter,

The orifices of a child

And subject them to

Such brutality

Scarring them,

For the remainder

Of their lives!


Your act is sick

And vile

Seek help

You’ve “FUCKED UP”,

An innocent child….

Locking you up

Is not or never will be justice.

Incarceration is not even near fitting

For such a heinous crime.


You’ve devalued,

And demoralised

Creating a victim

In such an innocent child.

It’s now left to the family and society

To undo the wrongs

You have done.

I say, “Off with your penis”,

Then your head,

Now that’s fitting for the crime

Which should have never taken place at all


Let’s keep our kids safer

Screen your partners


And wherever your kids go to stay

Cause in this world as we know

Are a lot of sick perverted people,

Who are looking for prey.


Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™ 2014 

 Author and writer of ” Poetry a way of life” and ” A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”

I wrote this when I saw that picture circulating on a friend’s phone and then saw the comments on someone’s  facebook wall. It hurts to think that a big grown fucking man could subject a little child to such a heinous act. This shit makes you sick to the stomach. 


It's up to all of us to speak out......PROTECT THE KIDS

It’s up to all of us to speak out……PROTECT THE KIDS



I am the pinnacle

This means I am at the top

Staying here is hard

But this is where I intend to stop

I am a true success

With GOD by my side

I know I am truly blessed

Working my way up

Was a hard struggle

This included dedication

And true commitment

Long pain staking hours

This paid off for the cause



To be Successful in life

One must face all tribulations

As if being put to the test

And go head on with full determination.

To achieve one’s goal

Might seem like a fairytale

Things will be unbalanced

As if on a scale

Yet one has to be bold

And persevere to get there



So Life will not be easy

As some may want you to believe

Some will try to deter you

Get you to go astray and leave

But standing Firm

I held my ground

Planted solid

And now I am still around

To tell the tale of my success.



Copyrighted by Ainsley Carter: –  Poet and Author of “Poetry a Way of Life”, A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”

Available from any bookstore near you www.amazon.com / .co.uk , www.waterstones.co.uk


You can Purchase the Book called ” Success – “How dare you give up” written by Poet and Author / Motivationalist speaker –  Kathy Elliott

Always keep focus and never let your guard down, so if you lose don't ever lose the Lesson

Always keep focus and never let your guard down, so if you lose don’t ever lose the Lesson

Having Hope………..

I am that beacon of light that guides you

that twinkle in your eyes

I am that which assist you when you are lost

to get you out of your darkest despair

I am that little voice in your head

To turn you away from danger

when you think all hope is gone

I am the one that beats you up

I am your inner self

I am you

and you are me

Together we will never give up

nor give in

For we are destined for great things

We are HOPE


Happiness Overcomes Persistent Encouragement (HOPE)


Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter ™ 2014

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

Wrong Reasons……….

Wrong Reasons………..

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