Eating….by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

She was huge

and could take

a good licking.

colourful too,

Yes indeed.

The more I licked her

the sweeter

she seemed to get.

Her slender body

moulds to my fingers


she tasted great.

if you had her

you couldn’t resist……….

to lick her.

When it’s hot

she drips……and

her juices runs

runs all the way down

the side of my mouth

onto my fingers….

Don’t you just love…..?

Cornetto Ice Cream…

Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ © 2016

Sweet stuff is it really good for you?

Sweet stuff is it really good for you?

Seduction by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

Let’s continue into the New Year with a Bang …..enjoy all .. I do appreciate your comments. Hopefully this year if all goes well Book number #3 will be with you all to read… check my website out as well , and grab a copy of my books:- “Poetry a way of life” and “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”

Seduction …… by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica

Licking lips
massaging splits
Caressing your clit
as my hands move
gliding across
your engorged labia
I feel your body
I can sense you
responding to my touch
I sip your sap
with legs wrapped around me
on my shoulders
I feel your passion,
the fire
emanating from your cookie
so warm,
so moist,
that pink mound of flesh
your body begins to crumble
I climbed ontop of you
inserting my throbbing cock
raising your body temperature
up a couple notches
as the feelings overcome you
every nerve ending is heightened
Pure passion and Seduction

written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™2016


Life’s LESSON #1 ™ by Ainsley Carter ™

I have traveled across many seas, across the lands, and even way up beyond where anything would ever dream or imagined. Your life can be the same as thus the freedom of the winds can carry. How long can you trap me, encase me, or enslave me. For I am the one that you fear the most . You can ride on me for I will take you there.. Life doesn’t stop or time cannot stand still for you, I AM THE WIND……In life we must take what we want in the little time we have ….STOP moving with the flow of the current put up your resistance and make your own roads, CREATE, MOTIVATE, APPRECIATE, TRUST, COMMIT, ENDURE…these are just a few of the tools needed to succeed. 2016 is your time to get up off your ASS and do something with your LIFE….You must make that start….GO ON TRY IT and tell me about it………. Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica ™ 2016



Resurrection.. by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

You have resurrected
those feelings deep within me
feelings I thought had died long ago
suppressed by the pain and hurt
I’ve encountered long before time
I was incarcerated within myself
now you have freed me
a prisoner from my burden
that weighed me down.
but my question to you
are you prepared to display that love?
the love that has awaken
the light within this darken soul
darkness I thought that had consume
every part of me
like a cancer
I was trapped within
neglecting my everyday routine
but now I am free
Resurrected ………
written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ 2016

On my Death Bed………by Ainsley Carter

Gasping for air
as it slowly eludes me
my life’s force
is being sucked away
Can someone please help me
assist me to die peacefully
hold my hand
don’t let me go alone
it’s getting dark
I am so very scared
my body has given up now
this battle I long fought
has been won
I have downed
my weapons
nothing more to do
I have given up
It has taken a toll on me
my battle is through
it has eaten away at my inner soul
it’s now over my last breath I take
please do not cry
My heartbeat is fading now
alas I look upon you
I can still hear your voice but faintly
For I am at PEACE
I will be with you still
but in spirit at your will
to guide you and protect you

written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ 2015, poet and Author of “Poetry a way of life”, and “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”


Professional review of “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind by


A Journey Into the Abyss of the Mind

Ainsley Carter

Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 128
Price:(paperback) $15.18 
Reviewed:December, 2012
Author Website: Visit »

This mixed poetry and prose collection begins innocently enough with the acrostic poem “It’s All About Me.” Spelling the author’s name vertically, the A stands for “Adorable, cute and cuddly even.” Later, the S, which stands for “Sexy,” hints at a bit more of what this collection makes as its central focus—the sex life and fantasies of the author.
A frequent reader of erotica will likely find many of the graphic descriptions of sex, particularly in the five short stories included here, no more inventive than the plots of storied porn movies. From a night watchman on patrol to a prisoner who escaped from jail, the stories ring familiar. Differentiating them from this genre of one-night chance encounters is the fact that nearly all of these stories end with a description of how the sex-starved couple made their encounters a regular routine.
In the poetry, the sexual language is more playful. The poems explore moments, rather than plots with a definitive end, and celebrate the object of the speaker’s desires. The graphic language at times is still there, but when mixed with descriptions of a woman’s “honey pot,” it takes on new, and often fun, dimensions. In “The Lucky Peeping Tom,” the author describes a woman as “my coco cola / Shaped woman / Tantalizing / Hot tamale / Finger licking like KFC / She meant everything to me …” The most successful poem in the collection is one that uses this playful language that hints at attraction, only to reveal that a sleek television set was the object of the man’s fantasy.
Ainsley Carter reveals a lot on the page, never shying away from feelings that are corny and romantic, as well as those that are more concerned with immediate appetites. Readers searching for a light read filled with sexual adventure may find some fun in this collection.
Also available as an ebook.
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