I give my love…my life

If you pledge to give all in love
Then you must give your heart
for this is the only true precious gift
and because of this
you shall never part
for to be in love
is to be committed
for two hearts to become one
and for both to enjoy such a life
You must be willing
to make the ultimate sacrifice
and make this your love
….your wife….

Written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

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Barbados oh Barbados!!


Barbados needs to be cleansed of all this violence now it’s really gone too far. It hurts me deeply to turn on the news and hoping to hear good things but NO….it’s always negativity I see…WHAT has become of my Little COUNTRY? It hurts to know that no-one is safe anymore….We can all talk day in and day out but until some serious action is taken nothing will be resolved…and there is no time like NOW….This is a fight for everyone..we all have a part to play..but the Government needs to ACT fast… I just thought I would put a few lines together..


It was a spectacular sight
Yesterday to see the start
Of a yearly event
Kadooment in Bim
But as the day climaxed
And got into full swing
Things took a turn for the worse
Was it right to shoot those out having fun
Just because you have a gun
Now it seems
that In Barbados
Someone else is being sprayed
Too many guns on the streets
In the hands of the idiot elite
Silly young men
With nothing better to do
Than brand themselves as gangs
And think having a weapon,
Makes them invincible
Instead of trying to bring a positive change
They play the part of the GODs
All mighty and strong
Not knowing all the things they do
Are just simply wrong
Only if they were educated
Enough to know
Spraying innocent people
is an act of cowardice and stupidity;
Yet they remain anonymity
As they usually cover their faces
As they inflict fear
What are they to gain?
In killing,
while others are maimed
I think now it’s time
For the powers to be
To take back the country
Rid the population of this fraction
Causing such chaos
As it hinders on tourism
And gives the country a bad name
People are scared
As everyone becomes a target
Whether young or old
Let put a STOP to the violence
Let’s take PRIDE in our NATION 

Written by AINSLEY CARTER aka Mr. Erotica™ 2017
This violence needs to cease……

I Love You .. by Ainsley Carter™

If no one has told you yet,
I will okay…
From the first time,
I laid my eyes upon you
I was captivated,
by your voluptuous mountains
and all I could think about,
was burying my head
way deep ..
between your valley
that sweet smelling road
that leads everywhere
I know yes..
I would have reached my destination
and if I am correct
at the end of the valley
would have been moist
and I am sure
I would have loved
to just bask in your sweetness
as I dive in and out
of your honey laden waters
sipping your sap of sweet cherry
You forever tickle my fantasy
and I would so love
that this become a reality
because the proof they say
is in the pudding
and there is no time like today
so let’s not put off
what we can do now
for a tomorrow
for as we know
tomorrow may never come..
Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica 2017

Bajan Soca Music by Ainsley Carter™

I like the way you move
your body
to the sweet soca music
as the melodious tones
hits you.
Your hips rock
from side to side
as your booty gyrates
round and round
as the sweet sounds
The words I cannot hear
as my mind is taken elsewhere
on a higher plane
as your body moves
my body begins to sway
as I am being controlled by you
I am
Bajan soca music
so catching
that wonderful feeling
you can’t definitely not shake…
all across the radio waves
it’s that fast beat and catchy lyrics
Kaleidoscope of colours
and skimpy outfit (costumes)
depicting crop over is here
Singers like Alison Hinds ,
Edwin Yearwood , Lil Rick ,
Biggie Irie and Stiffy
just to name a few
belting our their tunes
as we sing along with them.
The beats hits you
young and old shaking a leg
it’s our biggest festival of the year
Bajan Crop Over
you just have to be there
Bajan soca music
sweet sweet fuh days……
written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica ™ 2017

My World completed by Ainsley Carter

My World completed by Ainsley Carter

Thinking about you

Seems like all that I now do

Since you stepped into my life

You have brought with you

Sunshine and happiness

To brighten my days and nights

It seems like this was meant to be

I am talking about you and I

No more worries or pain

No more thunder showers

No more sleepless nights nor rain

On the stroke of midnight

At the dawn of the New Year

I made a vow that my love this time

Would walk into my life

And now December 2017

Here you are

Putting a smile upon my face

My worries are now over

for I have found my “cheerleader”.

I can look forward to a brighter tomorrow

with you.

All I think about is walking

Hand in hand

You by my side

My woman

And I your man……

Our world completed…..

Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica 2017™

My Wish…..by Ainsley Carter

Just thought I would try my hand at writing some mushy lines today while sitting on my break at work…nothing too fancy but your comments would be appreciated……

I wish for you,
ever rain
I wish for you,
ever pain
I wish for you,
to understand me
and to know the way
I feel for you
but most of all I wish
I could wake from my slumber
to tell you.
Yes, I may be departed
but I will always be here
for memories
will never,
ever fade away.
I will always watch over you
guide and protect
for you are my one
and only true LOVE
One I will never, ever forget.
Written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica™

Kings & Queens

A king I am
That’s the perfect title for me
Amidst of everything
I’ll always respect my Queen
No sense in being in a relationship
If you can’t be true
So stay faithful
And be committed
That’s what you should do
If it’s love that you feel
Then let it be known
Don’t just tell her
Show her that you care
For words are so easy to hear
But demonstration is what true love is all about
Forget about all that yap yap word of mouth
Being in love doesn’t mean just sex
It’s about commitment,
Open minded
Just to name a few
And remember the rest will come easy to you
So now that you know
Make the changes please
And prove that you can be..
a King To your Queen …….

Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica TM
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Why can’t we remain in love? ………..by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica 2016™

Why can’t love remain?
why can’t being in love
be like the first encounter you had with that person
you know ….
the texting,
the emoji’s,
the dating,
the compliments,
wining and dining,
buying of fine and exotic stuff.
Why cant the euphoria last forever?
Why does it have to be?
you know as soon as you become settled with each other
everything changes.
no more honey or babes
no more Mr nice guy or woman
the tone of your voice changes
the jealousy steps in
erm! we are no one’s property
even in marriage you don’t own anyone
but back to my question
why does it not last?
as soon as one conquers
and that goal has been achieved
that person is of no more importance
someone else comes into the picture
someone who reverses the role and takes control
from another point of view
adds more spice to the term madame
the relationship then becomes falsified
under the pretense of LOVE
no arguments as you are looked upon as a financial figure
as a piece of material
to provide warmth
and comfort for that moment
but actually you become nothing more than a mere chess piece
to be removed and place to the side crushed by another
who appears to be more valuable at the time.
but my question still not answered, or is it?
why can’t we remain in love?

written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ 2016

Happy Mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day…..

Today we celebrate a wonderful day
A day like no other
A day set aside for Mother’s
A day for the special women in our lives
Women whose love can never be replaced only treasured
A remarkable woman a mother
who needs love like no other
To be treated with respect
who is able to connect with our feelings
Mother’s should be care for
after all that’s what they did for us
Made sure we were protected and fed
that we were happy, pampered and not misled
When we are ill
we can count on mum
when we need clean clothes
we can count on mum
when we need love
we can always count on mother
A Mother’s love is never done
continuous love until forevermore.
Written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™ 2016 author, poet, writer of A Journey into the ABYSS of the Mind and Poetry a way of Life

Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful Mother’s and not for getting Gran Mother’s for you are still mothers too..

A love like no other…..by Ainsley Carter™

My love for you is never selfish,
but unconditional
and I will Love you more today
than yesterday
and twice as much tomorrow
for our love was built to last
and as each passing moment
that we look upon each other’s face
Our love will continue to grow with GRACE…..
You are my beacon of light
for you guide me day and night
and if that light shall ever cease
Our Love will still continue to be
for we are one with each other
mind, body and spirit
A BOND that shall never be broken free….

Written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ 2016
author,writer and poet of “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind” & “Poetry a way of life….”