Happy Mother’s day


Happy Mother’s Day…..

Today we celebrate a wonderful day
A day like no other
A day set aside for Mother’s
A day for the special women in our lives
Women whose love can never be replaced only treasured
A remarkable woman a mother
who needs love like no other
To be treated with respect
who is able to connect with our feelings
Mother’s should be care for
after all that’s what they did for us
Made sure we were protected and fed
that we were happy, pampered and not misled
When we are ill
we can count on mum
when we need clean clothes
we can count on mum
when we need love
we can always count on mother
A Mother’s love is never done
continuous love until forevermore.
Written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™ 2016 author, poet, writer of A Journey into the ABYSS of the Mind and Poetry a way of Life

Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful Mother’s and not for getting Gran Mother’s for you are still mothers too..

A love like no other…..by Ainsley Carter™


My love for you is never selfish,
but unconditional
and I will Love you more today
than yesterday
and twice as much tomorrow
for our love was built to last
and as each passing moment
that we look upon each other’s face
Our love will continue to grow with GRACE…..
You are my beacon of light
for you guide me day and night
and if that light shall ever cease
Our Love will still continue to be
for we are one with each other
mind, body and spirit
A BOND that shall never be broken free….

Written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ 2016
author,writer and poet of “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind” & “Poetry a way of life….”

My Favourite….

The sweet aromatic smell
that lingers
are the bodily fluids from you
that I taste on my fingers.
yum yum
they just brings back memories
of that picture perfect day…
when it was just you and I
We must do more of that
but not on a sunny day
as you melted away
in my mouth
I can still hear your melodious scream
but don’t worry you are my favourite ice cream..Mango Tango..

written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica :… ™2016

Let’s make this world a better place…..


It’s always easy to focus and stress on the negatives , hence the media makes sure these things are highlighted daily which then leaves an imprint into everyone’s minds. Why don’t they show more of the positives, when people help each other out, and make things happen…You see, the negatives impacts on us and makes us angry / angrier and this is exactly what they want, us fighting against each other. We as a people can live together in harmony and accomplish and achieve great things. We know this as well but our minds becomes foggy and blurred with the negativity and the stigmas attached, we become tricked and duped into doing what they need. STOP, don’t be fooled anymore, for we can make a change and turn things around for the better. Display more positive , uplifting and inspirational pictures , Boost each other and see the difference. LET’s MAKE A CHANGE NOW………A BETTER LIFE A BETTER FUTURE…..A Journey Into the Abyss of the Mind: Ainsley Carter: 9781477213957:written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica ™ 2016 #poet #love #inspiration #uplifting #strength #positiveness 


Strong woman…. by Ainsley Carter™

Women have done so much in this world for all of us, It started way back when God saw that Adam was lonely and he created ” A woman” to be his companion / soul mate. This shows us how important a woman is in our lives. Today around the Globe is International Women’s Day. I would like to thank my Mum for nurturing and providing for me and making me who I am today. To all women I salute you. Make a stand be proud of who you are, Respect yourself and your families.


Arise; hold your head up high
Look to the sky

For martyrs and Kings
Holds you in high Esteem
That’s why,
You should be treated like a Queen.

Be Proud…
Be Proud of who you are
Show grace as you walk
Show manners as you talk
Be recognised wherever you go
Strong woman…
The world will know


Be strong, Be Proud
Don’t give in to abuse
Don’t be treated with disrespect
You are an inspiration.
Woman spread your wings.


For in this world
You are an equal achiever
Sitting amongst educators, inventors
Entrepreneurs and political world leaders
This is the time to stand
The time to be proud of who you are
Don’t go astray
This is your time…….
This is International Women’s Day.

Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter, Poet and Author of “Poetry a way of Life” and “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”..


Eating….by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

She was huge

and could take

a good licking.

colourful too,

Yes indeed.

The more I licked her

the sweeter

she seemed to get.

Her slender body

moulds to my fingers


she tasted great.

if you had her

you couldn’t resist……….

to lick her.

When it’s hot

she drips……and

her juices runs

runs all the way down

the side of my mouth

onto my fingers….

Don’t you just love…..?

Cornetto Ice Cream…

Written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ © 2016

Sweet stuff is it really good for you?

Sweet stuff is it really good for you?

Seduction by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

Seduction in Progress

Let’s continue into the New Year with a Bang …..enjoy all .. I do appreciate your comments. Hopefully this year if all goes well Book number #3 will be with you all to read… check my website out as well , www.ainsleymcarter.co.uk and grab a copy of my books:- “Poetry a way of life” and “A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”

Seduction …… by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica

Licking lips
massaging splits
Caressing your clit
as my hands move
gliding across
your engorged labia
I feel your body
I can sense you
responding to my touch
I sip your sap
with legs wrapped around me
on my shoulders
I feel your passion,
the fire
emanating from your cookie
so warm,
so moist,
that pink mound of flesh
your body begins to crumble
I climbed ontop of you
inserting my throbbing cock
raising your body temperature
up a couple notches
as the feelings overcome you
every nerve ending is heightened
Pure passion and Seduction

written and copyrighted by Ainsley Carter aka Mr. Erotica ™2016


Life’s LESSON #1 ™ by Ainsley Carter ™


I have traveled across many seas, across the lands, and even way up beyond where anything would ever dream or imagined. Your life can be the same as thus the freedom of the winds can carry. How long can you trap me, encase me, or enslave me. For I am the one that you fear the most . You can ride on me for I will take you there.. Life doesn’t stop or time cannot stand still for you, I AM THE WIND……In life we must take what we want in the little time we have ….STOP moving with the flow of the current put up your resistance and make your own roads, CREATE, MOTIVATE, APPRECIATE, TRUST, COMMIT, ENDURE…these are just a few of the tools needed to succeed. 2016 is your time to get up off your ASS and do something with your LIFE….You must make that start….GO ON TRY IT and tell me about it………. Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica ™ 2016



Resurrection.. by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™

You have resurrected
those feelings deep within me
feelings I thought had died long ago
suppressed by the pain and hurt
I’ve encountered long before time
I was incarcerated within myself
now you have freed me
a prisoner from my burden
that weighed me down.
but my question to you
are you prepared to display that love?
the love that has awaken
the light within this darken soul
darkness I thought that had consume
every part of me
like a cancer
I was trapped within
neglecting my everyday routine
but now I am free
Resurrected ………
written by Ainsley Carter aka Mr.Erotica™ 2016