Diary of a POET™ by Ainsley Carter

A Look into the Mind of a Poet……



I am the pinnacle

This means I am at the top

Staying here is hard

But this is where I intend to stop

I am a true success

With GOD by my side

I know I am truly blessed

Working my way up

Was a hard struggle

This included dedication

And true commitment

Long pain staking hours

This paid off for the cause



To be Successful in life

One must face all tribulations

As if being put to the test

And go head on with full determination.

To achieve one’s goal

Might seem like a fairytale

Things will be unbalanced

As if on a scale

Yet one has to be bold

And persevere to get there



So Life will not be easy

As some may want you to believe

Some will try to deter you

Get you to go astray and leave

But standing Firm

I held my ground

Planted solid

And now I am still around

To tell the tale of my success.



Copyrighted by Ainsley Carter: –  Poet and Author of “Poetry a Way of Life”, A Journey into the Abyss of the Mind”

Available from any bookstore near you www.amazon.com / .co.uk , www.waterstones.co.uk


You can Purchase the Book called ” Success – “How dare you give up” written by Poet and Author / Motivationalist speaker –  Kathy Elliott

Always keep focus and never let your guard down, so if you lose don't ever lose the Lesson

Always keep focus and never let your guard down, so if you lose don’t ever lose the Lesson

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